You have to make sure that your cell phone is compatible with our services It is very important that your cell phone is configured to receive WAP messages (you must have Internet on your mobile)

Is my cell phone compatible?

To find out if your model of cell phone is compatible with our services, please refer to our compatible cell phones listing under the product that you are trying to download (graphics, ringtones, games). Your mobile model can be found on your battery, your brand can be found on the case and your operator appears on your bill.

* The cell phone's model can often be found on the unit itself, on the box or in the manual.

How do I download mobile content?

Once you have clicked on a product that interests you, a pop-up window appears. Although it can be changed, your country is already set. From there, you simply select your operator, your phone model (see above), click on "Save" and continue to select your payment method (SMS, Telephone PayPal, credit card).

* Please note that the service Mobile Lounge is available in USA and Canada. It allows you to create an account to ease and speed the payment process.

How will I receive the content (graphics, ringtones, games)?

All products are sent through WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) via an Internet network. Your mobile has to be configured to receive WAP messages. Although most recent phone models are automatically configured to receive WAP messages, you may easily find out if your phone is WAP-configured by contacting your wireless service carrier or by visiting their website. Setting up WAP is a one-time procedure.

What happens after the download?

You should receive an SMS (text message), with a WAP link (exemple: http://wap.sonnerie.net/12548643), within 30 minutes of order placement (sometimes a little longer). From there, depending on your phone model, you either need to click on the link (address), click on the "Go to" option or, for older phone models, retype the address. Once this is done, you simply save the product on your mobile and enjoy! Although it varies from one model to another - ringtones, graphics and games are usually added to folders like "Media", "Ringtones" or "Downloads".

* Please note that everything described in this paragraph has to be done from your cell phone unit and it is impossible to download from your PC.

What is a Text Message (SMS)?

This method of payment allows you to purchase services like mobile content right from your cell phone. You only have to send an SMS (text message) to the specific short number.

To use this feature, you have to know how messages are set on your phone. Basically, you have to send the 4 digit number as the message itself, and the number you have to send it to is indicated on the website. For more information, please refer to your user manual.

Your purchase will be charged to your phone bill. When we receive your request, we send you the content you have purchased.

Please make sure that your cell phone is properly configured to receive SMS messages.

For more information

Should you have any questions, our Technical Support team can be reached through this feedback form.

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