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Realtones Celebs' Parody

Listen1 aldo_giovanni_giacomo_arrotati(i)
Listen2 Arnie You WILL be Terminated!
Listen3 Arnold Schwarzenneger 01 (i)
Listen4 banfi crisantemo(i)
Listen5 banfi_maradona(i)
Listen6 banfi_maradona(i)
Listen7 banfi_occhio malocchio(i)
Listen8 Basil Fawlty Answer That Phone
Listen9 Beckham Penalty Shoot Out!
Listen10 Billy Connelly Bites Yer Bum!
Listen11 Billy Connely (i)
Listen12 Bombolo_casa la terza (i)
Listen13 bombolo_tz(i)
Listen14 bombolo_tz_tz(i)
Listen15 David Backhome-My son Taxi
Listen16 David Backhome-My wife“s a bit of a dog
Listen17 Del Boy You Great Plonker!
Listen18 Dick Tracy (i)
Listen19 er monnezza_la neve(i)
Listen20 Er Monnezza_se fosse un cane(i)
Listen21 EXTRA!! EXTRA!! George Bush scandal!!
Listen22 EXTRA!! EXTRA!! Homosex-scandal!!
Listen23 EXTRA!! EXTRA!! Tony Blair scandal!!
Listen24 G.W.Bush - Want to play (i)
Listen25 Galeazzi_mittttici(I)

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