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Listen1 006 is hanging out with Q and M
Listen2 3 Different Rings
Listen4 A telephone straight ouf of homefield!
Listen5 absolute disaster!
Listen6 African
Listen7 African 2
Listen8 African Children singing
Listen9 African Rainmaker Chanting
Listen10 African Voices
Listen11 Alcohol warning!
Listen12 Allo bien sur
Listen13 Allo papa
Listen14 An offer you can't refuse!
Listen15 An urgent call from the Prime Minister!
Listen16 Answer the babyphone please!
Listen17 Answer the phone
Listen18 Answer your phone in the conference!
Listen19 Asian Crazy Voice
Listen20 Asian Woman Chanting
Listen21 Attention! Telephone!
Listen22 Australia Last night
Listen23 Australian 2
Listen24 Australian ring
Listen25 Australian way

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